Animal Collaborations

In 2021 Jack completed his first ever collaborative painting – with an animal.

Piper is a rescued American Alligator that Jack works with, who happens to be quite the artist himself. Like many animals at zoological facilities, Piper is trained to paint (by holding the paint brush in his mouth and basically doing whatever he wants on the canvas). This is a trained behaviour so guests can have the chance to interact with Piper and take something personal home from their experience. Jack had the idea to paint Piper’s portrait over the top of one of Piper’s abstract paintings, thus creating a cross-species collaboration painting. Since then, Jack has been flooded with commissions for other animal collaboration paintings, where animal professionals and pet owners alike mail their own animal’s painting to Jack, who paints their portrait on top and mails it back. Check out some of these commissions below.

If you are interested in having a collaborative painting created for your own pet or animal that you work with, please drop me an email at:

(Minimum canvas size for commissions is 8 x 10 inches to ensure a detailed portrait)

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